Content Management System

"Bar Technologies" specialized CMS platforms - Content Management Systems worldwide leader in software systems. These systems are systems that allow site administrator to manage the content that appears on his website in the quickest and most convenient.

The company specializes in building and designing the world's leading systems such as: Joomla, drupal, wordpress, magento winning success in the world and in all languages. The uniqueness of the "Bar technologies" is enormous knowledge and experience she acquired in these content management systems and construction in full compliance with customer requirements.


JoomlaJoomla Content Management System is open source there are oldest and best in the field, the system provides an excellent solution for large content sites, portals, indexes, and Web sites that require working with a flexible hierarchical structure. Bar Technologies specializes in designing, building and designing websites based on Joomla rolled back to their systems, these days we make any endorsement pliers sites Joomla 2.5 version of the latest and most improved.


drupalManagement system Drupal has won many prizes and is based on the developer community and open source programmers. Drupal CMS system is very suitable for image sites, small sites (mini-pilot) and designated landing systems. Bar Technologies experts in establishing and adjusting the Drupal modules according to customer needs.


wordpressWordPress is basically a system for managing a blog and use it millions publishers in the world, a WordPress characterized by a level of design high and graphical capabilities strong and flexible, can be combined in a variety of modules on demand, usability webmaster is very high, you can update, modify and delete content on the site within a few seconds by Aintoatibim navigation menus.


MagentoMagento open source CMS system designed for e-commerce sites, Bar Technologies builds and maintains commercial sites who have purchased product catalog directly from the website by means of payment such as credit or PayPal Crtisai.

Bar technologies in open source experts

Company representatives accompany the webmaster from the first day on the site and make sure he understands very well how to use the system and how to leverage it to show customers the best content available.